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About Me

Hello, you can call me M0dem. I have tinkered in alot of things like programming, 3D modeling, website creation, and much more. Many of the things I am interested in are based around computer programming; for example, in the past I modeled some props with Blender for use in some Unity 3D games (which I never finished). I was introduced to programming in the winter of 2013-2014; before that I had played around with some batch script pranks (without understanding them), but nothing more. Python was the first language I learned and it is the main language I use; if I can use Python, I will use it, but for some things (like writing an operating system) one needs something a bit different than Python. Since then I have dabbled in quite a list of programming languages, the following are just a few off the top of my head (in no particular order): Python (ofcourse), C (and C++), PHP (and SQL), Javascript (and HTML+CSS), Java, and Assembly. My experience varies wildly from language to language; for example, if someone asked me to build a web app with PHP and SQL, I could do it, but if someone asked for a complex piece of software requiring C, it would take a little more effort.

If I want to go even farther down memory lane, I can remember a time when I was interested in electricity and electric schematics. At one time, I was obsessed by oscillators because they are essential in Tesla coils and transmitting electric waves. I spent a long time making complex schematics of mechanical oscillators but then discovered how I could make a simple oscillator with one single relay. If I remember correctly, it only took a single relay and worked perfectly; to adjust the oscillation speed, one would have to just adjust the voltage, the oscillation speed was directly related the voltage. I was very excited and thought I'd just discovered a new thing, but was awfully disappointed when I later discovered one just like it on the internet. Of course, all this may seem silly if I was an adult, but, as you have probably deduced by now, I am not, I am "just" a teenager.

Another thing I enjoy doing is running, I started running at around the same time as I started programming (the winter of 2013-2014). I am by no means a FAST runner yet, but I am improving (hopefully) each day. One of the only video games I play is Minecraft; it is a sandbox game with multiple modes of gameplay. In Minecraft, one can go into creative mode and build things with unlimited resources, or you can fight it out in the survival and hardcore gamemode. Some people take the challenge of hardcore, where if you die just once then all your world progress is removed ... permanently.

Contact Info

I would greatly appreciate topic ideas and feedback from my readers, so that is why I have made this eMail address available to you all. Also, if you would like to do business with me (a programming project or something), feel free to shoot me an eMail.

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